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Custom Wood Crates For Everything From Fragile Items To Industrial Machinery
Serving DFW For Over 30 Years

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We have built custom wood crates for a wide variety of uses including:

• Crates for aircraft and aerospace parts and equipment
• Custom padded crates for fragile electronic components
• Wood server crates for computer equipment
• Large crates for heavy industrial machinery and equipment
• Custom wood crates for restaurant equipment
• Padded wood crates for glass products
• Wood crates to protect antiques, artwork, and personal treasures
• Crates for international shipping using IPPC certified wood
• Crates with custom wood saddles to secure packed items
• We also offer custom wood bases, pallets and skids

Our custom crating and packing services include:

• RUSH order capabilities
• Pick up and delivery
• Free quotes and consultations
• Packing for air, land or sea — Our facility or yours
• Unfinished wood shipping crates built to your specifications
• Custom wood boxes to house and protect your valuable items
• Painted custom crates and boxes with hinges, handles, and more
• Vapor barriers and foam padding
• Wood display crates
• Custom wood saddles to secure your crated items
• Vessel crates with saddles

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